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Building a Solid Foundation ... A Symposium with 

George Williams and Bill Warren - Recap

In this exciting symposium, George Williams and Bill Warren, two nationally recognized trainers, bought their unique perspectives to help both horses and their riders maximize their full potential. Both clinicians ride and compete, as well as train horses and riders at all levels. In addition, George competed internationally with his well-known partner Rocher and is currently a USEF National US Coach, while Bill is a USEF ‘S’ and FEI 4* Judge. Working together, they will help riders discover their horse’s full potential, utilizing exercises to help riders build a solid foundation to enhance their horse’s performance, whether in the competition ring or when working at home. 

In addition to 2 full days of lessons from our wonderful clinicians, George Williams and Bill Warren, we had several unmounted activities. They include a Saturday lunchtime presentation by Dr. Cricket Russillo, the USA Dressage Team Vet, an introduction to yoga with Amy Biddle for riders on Sunday, and a wine and cheese social after the conclusion of Saturday’s rides.

The symposium was an auditor-friendly event to allow all to take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.  During the course of two days, 38 auditors attended with 8 volunteers/organizers who were able to observe some of all of the sessions.

The Symposium featured the following eight (8) riders, representing four (4) Virginia Dressage Association Chapters:

Kristine Slovis (Fredericksburg)

Tammy Moore (SVDA)

Gabriella Escobar (Central)

Hannah Pierucci Schmidt (Charlottesville)

Peggy Minnich (Fredericksburg)

Jessie Ginsburg (Nova)

Peta Wylie (Charlottesville)

Anne Chapin (Charlottesville)