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Special Awards - Trainer of the Year, High Score Adult Amateur, and Breed in Virginia

Trainer of the Year


To be awarded annually to the trainer whose students have achieved success during the year at schooling or licensed shows. Award will be given to the trainer with the highest average student score as determined below: Note: No special form needs to be completed, simply include the name of your primary trainer where indicated on the award report form for schooling and/or licensed shows.


The High Score Adult Amateur Award


To be awarded annually to the adult amateur with the highest average score earned at licensed shows. One award will be given at US Equestrian levels and one award for FEI levels.

Bred in Virginia (Award goes to rider, not breeder or owner)

To be awarded annually to the horse/rider combination with the highest average at licensed shows riding a horse that was bred in Virginia.

  • The trainer must be a VADA member.

  • The average score as submitted for schooling or licensed shows for each student will be the score used.

  • The three highest average scores from students will be added and averaged to determine the trainer score.

  • Scores can be from either schooling or licensed shows, but scores can only be counted from each student once.

  • Freestyle scores are not eligible.

  • One student must be riding First Level or above.

  • No more than one student at Intro Level can be counted.

  • Must be an adult amateur with USDF and US Equestrian (Must include a copy of Adult Amateur card or USDF printout with Amateur status verification with year-end award submission).

  • The same horse/rider combination is only eligible to win in either the US Equestrian or FEI category.

  • Freestyle scores are not eligible.

  • Intro Level is excluded from this award.

  • The horse must have been bred in Virginia (must include a copy of breed registration or other documentation showing the horse was bred in Virginia as part of the awards packet submission).

  • The rider must be a member and meet volunteer requirements.

  • Freestyle scores are not eligible.

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